weekly meal service


Family of four - 3 meals

3 Entrees and appropriate sides
4-6 servings of each
$250 plus groceries

Family of four - 3 meals

3 Entrees  only
4-6 servings of each
$150 plus groceries

Family of tw0 - 3 meals

3 Entrees and appropriate sides
2-3 servings of each
$200 plus groceries

Lisa has been our personal chef since last September, and is outstanding. Her cooking skills are absolutely topnotch, and she is personable, prompt and wholly reliable. My wife and I could not be more enthusiastic about recommending her. She’s a gem!
— Jerome G.


I work closely with my clients developing custom menus and creating meal plans that work for their lifestyle. We have an initial meeting where we discuss your desires, your tastes, your special needs, if any. Then we work together each week to create a custom menu of meals. I shop the morning of the cook date, come to your house with groceries and prepare the delicious meals you desire, package them the way you want them and leave them behind with heating instructions. All you have to do is choose which meal you want that night!

Each client is unique. I cook all styles of food and cuisines. Past clients have included working couples, lactose intolerant, weight loss oriented, chemotherapy patients, seniors, busy families and more.

Meals can be packaged family style or for individuals. The service includes weekly menu planning, grocery shopping, cooking the meals, packaging the meals, and leaving the kitchen sparkling clean. The fee does not include groceries. Depending on the meals chosen for the week, groceries can run from $80 to $150. If you choose a higher end grocery store or all organic this cost could be more.

Call 415-505-7332 for more information or email me at lisa@havewhiskwilltravel.com.